Patroleyes Protection Plus Program

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Before you drop, scratch, damage, spill on, or break a button get the PatrolEyes Protection Plus Program. With full coverage for issues with your camera such as electrical malfunctions, broken zoom, or SD card reader failure you are fully covered. With our coverage your camera is covered for accidents caused by you or others. We will repair your PatrolEyes HD within 5 business days. Coverage is only available if your PatrolEyes was purchased within the past 30 days.

What does this cover?

  • Drops: From cracked screens to broken internal parts, we cover the big damage that can come from any fall.
  • Spills: Doesn’t matter if it’s one splash, one spill, or full immersion, we’ve got you covered.
  • Broken Buttons: These cameras have lots of buttons. We cover all of them.
  • All mechanical/electrical failures
  • Will cover all problems excluding a lost/stolen camera.

What cameras this plan covers:

  • PatrolEyes HD 1296P Infrared Wide Angle Police Body Camera DV1-2
  • PatrolEyes XL 1296 Infrared Wide Angle Police Body Camera DV1-2-XL
  • PatrolEyes HD 1296P GPS Auto IR Police Body Camera DV5-2
  • PatrolEyes HD Elite Infrared Police Body Camera DV6
  • PatrolEyes HD 1080P Ultra Police Body Camera DV7
  • PatrolEyes WiFi HD GPS Police Body Camera DV10
  • PatrolEyes MAX 2K GPS Auto IR Police Body Camera
  • PatrolEyes WiFi Pro 1080P HD GPS Infrared Police Body Camera DV10 PRO
  • PatrolEyes EDGE 2K GPS Auto IR Police Body Camera

Please Note

  • Warranty allows for one claim per year per camera
  • A $75.00 processing fee will be assessed for additional claims made within that same time period
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