PatrolEyes Digital Evidence Management Software 2.0

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The PatrolEyes Digital Evidence Management 2.0 is a complete solution to asset management. Simply connect your camera to your PC and the software will do the rest! The software will automatically upload and remove the footage from the camera to either your local storage server or networked storage. The software allows you to add tags, comments and assign categories to the files and even mark files with an importance rating. The advanced permission system allows only certain users to upload, view, export, or delete data.


Advanced user permissions

Manage multiple users with our advanced permission system. Limit users access to sensitive data and only allow certain users to export evidence and much more.

Upload from multiple cameras simultaneously

Upload up to 24 cameras simultaneously.

Local storage

Use your own local storage server to store your data.

Chain of custody

Knowing who accessed what data and when is important. That's why every action is logged!

Custom data retention periods

Custom data retention periods help ensure that you optimize storage space but that important files are kept safe.

Software Plans:

Basic: $300 (One time fee)

Compatible with: DV10, DV10 Pro, MAX, EDGE


  • 1 software license key for 1 PC
  • 60 days of technical support
  • Unlimited users

Advanced: $600 (renews annually)

Compatible with: DV10, DV10 Pro, MAX, EDGE


  • 1 software license key for 1 PC plus all future updates
  • Unlimited technical support
  • Unlimited users

Dedicated Workstation (Optional)


  • CPU: Intel i5
  • RAM: 16GB DDR4 2400MHz
  • OS Drive: 256GB NVME
  • Storage: 8TB Usable RAID5
  • Network: 1Gbit Network Card
  • Peripherals: 20" Monitor with wireless keyboard and mouse
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