PatrolEyes HD Replacement Battery for PE-DV1 and PE-DV1-XL

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The rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 8 hours (depending upon usage and temperature) of power for your PatrolEyes HD body camera.

Compatible With:

  • SC-DV1
  • SC-DV1-XL
  • PE-DV1-2
  • PE-DV1-2-XL
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    Battery Replacement Guide:

      No special tools are needed. You will need a small phillips and a flat head screwdriver.
    1. On the back of the camera remove the 4 rubber plugs. They are not glued in.
    2. Unscrew the 4 screws.
    3. Firmly but gently pull the 2 shells apart. They do NOT come apart right away. They are still attached via 2 wires.
    4. You will now see a white, flat cable. The cable will detach from the "front" half of the camera. Where the cable is attached, you should see a black piece of plastic that is slightly wider than the cable. Take a screw driver, and lift both sides up slightly. The piece of plastic will not come out but will become loose.
    5. Now lay the 2 piece side by side on a table. You should now be able to see the battery.
    6. Remove the top 2 screws located on the top PCB board. Do not move it yet.
    7. Remove the 2 screws that secure the metal strap around the battery. Do not move anything yet.
    8. On the other half of the camera, the side with the lens, you will see where the battery connects to the main PCB board. It will most likely have hot glue on the cable.
    9. Take a flat head screwdriver and peel the glue away. Do not dig into the actual board, the glue should peel off with relative ease.
    10. There is a very small clip on the power cable. Depress the clip and pull the cable out.
    11. Back to the other side of the camera. Lift the small PCB board up slightly. Lift the metal strap up and remove the battery.
    12. Now place the replacement battery where the old battery was. Attach the power cable to the power port, you should hear a click. Hot glue is not needed.
    13. Screw the PCB board and the metal battery strap back.
    14. Now attach the flat white cable back to its port. It should slide between the black plastic piece and the port. Take a small screwdriver and press the black plastic tabs back down, securing the cable.
    15. Connect both halves of the camera back together.

    Note: If you are not getting any sound from the camera, if sound is enabled, the white flat cable is not secured properly.