Wireless 2.4GHZ Transmitter & Receiver Kit

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This is one of the best affordable wireless long range set ups on the market.

A 4ch switch able Mono Audio, & Video Wireless Transmitter (Use 4 set ups in the same area with no interference.)

INCLUDES 2 - 12 volt DC 500ma POWER SUPPLIES, and 1 BNC-RCA MALE connector for plug and play to your camera, 2 RCA male cables. The Transmitter, and Receiver are not weatherproof, but we do offer a WP housing for $25.00 extra.

Transmit video from building to building, or long range LOS to a barn on your property. All you need is power! If you need a battery clip for up to 12 hours of wireless power where ac is not available, we also carry those, for your camera, and the transmitter, & even the receiver if needed.
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