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PatrolEyes has just released our most advanced PatrolEyes Digtial Evidence Management software with cloud storage. Each user has unlimited storage in the cloud with storage redundancy to make sure your data is never lost. With three different methods to transfer video off of your device to the cloud you have the choice on when to upload your data. An advanced web interface allows you to login from anywhere and securely manage your evidence. Our solution offers a complete audit trail for every action, custom data retention lengths and many more advanced features. Our solution is CJIS and FedRAMP compliant using TLS 1.2 to secure the connection to the web interface and encrypts every evidence file using AES 256bit encryption.


  • Cost per camera/user: $39/month
  • Server Setup Fee: $300 one time
  • Term: 24 month agreement

Compatible with:

PatrolEyes MAX

CJIS and FedRAMP Compliant

Our solution is completely CJIS and FedRAMP compliant.

Advanced Data Management

Assign case IDs, tags and descriptions to any file. Data can be search by file name, officer, case ID, custom tags and keywords.

Evidence Redaction

Our built-in redaction platform features automatic detection and redaction of faces or objects from video files.

Unlimited File Storage

Unlimited file storage for all of your body camera footage and evidence.

Advanced User Permissions

Multiple user types with customizable permissions allows for the flexibility of users managing their own evidence while keeping the evidence in a clear chain of custody without the fear of deletion.

Upload from Multiple Locations

Upload evidence from a PC or your squad car using WiFi or your 4G cellular service.

Secure Storage and Transfer

Using TLS 1.2 and AES encryption we are able ensure your data is safe and can never be viewed without the proper authorization.

Secure File Sharing

Share evidence with your colleagues easily and securely using the built in sharing system.

File Verification

Our system analyzes each file that is uploaded and assigns a unique SHA256 to allow users to compare file authenticity in case of attempted evidence tampering.

Retention and Automatic File Deletion

Our system allows you to mark files that will need to be held for a custom set amount of time otherwise after a custom set time the files will be automatically removed.


  • Pricing includes 24/7 support
  • Bi-weekly feature releases
  • Evidence processing services relative to agency size (hourly allotment per month)
  • Unlimited storage
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