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Finally a waterproof live streaming option for GoPro HERO 5, 6 and 7 cameras! This setup features up to a 150' cable and housing to display a live underwater feed. Now available in 3 different versions: with just HDMI, HDMI and a USB cable to charge the GoPro through the housing, and now HDMI + USB Cable + WiFi. WiFi option allows you to use the GoPro app to change modes even while underwater and retrieve footage or format the sd card so you do not need retrieve it. You can also continuously power the camera for endless live video with no SD card inserted if you do not wish to record. Perfect for underwater research footage or aquariums. The HDMI end where your monitor will be plugged into MUST be above water. If it is not, overtime, the water will go into the housing through the cable under pressure.

  • NOTE: Hero5 can stream in 4k @ 30fps that is one benefit to using a hero5. As for recording quality selections, 50ft 2 AMP HP AC/DC wall plug in power cable can still do 4k with no battery installed on all hero5-6-7. 100ft is able to record in 1080p & 720p with no battery installed on h5-6-7. We can offer a 75ft power cable with 100ft HDMI also, or 150ft HDMI (MAXIMUM) also with 75ft, or 150ft power.To record in 4k using 100ft you need to have the battery inside the camera, however the battery will not charge in the camera While its recording is the downfall, but as soon as you stop recording the battery will then begin to charge back up. Its best to use a external atomos or black magic recorder to achieve longtime 4k recording using this longer cable configuration without the battery installed because it will keep the camera cooler & prevent over heating. If using OBS 50ft is the maximum length for HDMI transmission. You can also use the usb plug which allows you to have mobile portable power using a juice pack or we even offer 4D battery holders to power the camera for over 12hrs using Duracell.
  • NOTE: (Applies ONLY to power cables) **The maximum power cable is now limited to 100', however HDMI is still 150'. If you need the extra 50' of power, we recommend purchasing a heavy duty gauge electrical extension cord to connect to the 100' of power to get to that distance. 50ft max cable length recording in 4k ; 75ft max cable length recording in 1080p. No battery is needed to run the camera with the USB power cable solution under 75ft in length. Any cable 100ft or longer will need to have the battery installed. You can record while the battery is installed but it will not charge at the same times its recording. It will charge when the camera is not recording. Battery life will be limited to the standard battery length on cables 100ft and up. It's best to use an external recorder like an Atomos or a Blackmagic model if you require longer record times with cables over 75ft. There is a 50ft max recording cable length for recording in 4k and a 75ft max recording cable length for recording in 1080p. This item is special order so it may take 2-6 days to complete once ordered.
  • Features:

    • Up to 150' HDMI live video out feed and USB power (HDMI max length 150', Power max length 100')
    • Pressure tested and waterproof
    • Works with GoPro battery bacpac
    • Optional WiFi Adapter
    • HDMI Live Video Out Feed
    • Constant Power & Data Transfer
    • WiFi wire to transmit the signal under water & control with Remo, Smart remote, Iphone Android or iPad
    • 4-15v power ready


    • Cable length: Up to 150 feet
    • Power type: 18 Gauge power type C
    • Video Output: HDMI Micro Ethernet HD cable
    • Power adapter: .5 AMP wall plug power supply, plug & play joined all in 1 cable. Transformer included for 25ft lengths and greater
    • Dimensions: 5.5" x 3.5" x 2"


    • Waterproof housing
    • Pair of alligator clips (for clamping on or direct wire to a battery)
    • DC pigtail for direct wire
    • Type C USB-Power Data Cable
    • Omni Pan Tilt Clamp
    • HDMI out cable
    • Pack of anti-fog strips
    • 6 month warranty
    • Optional WiFi Remote Cable

    Compatible with:

    • GoPro HERO5
    • GoPro HERO6
    • GoPro HERO7 Black ONLY
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