GoPro Hero 5 6 7 2.5MM 14MP IR Night Vision Lens

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This lens is the highest quality mega pixel lens to date for the GoPro Hero5, Hero6 and Hero7 cameras. It is similar in design to the original GoPro lens, but features night vision/IR capability. The lens also has a 150 degree field of view, will fit in the waterproof case and works perfectly in all modes with no dark corners.

Installation video available upon request. Easy DIY lens change. Estimated time = 20 - 30 minutes for customer installs.

Note: If you're using this outside, the colors during the day will be wrong while using this lens. Blue will be purple, and green will be white, red will be pink. Indoor lighting will provide accurate colors though.

Please let us know at checkout in the comments which version GoPro you have.

This IR sensitive night vision ready lens will see any infrared light source from 800-940 nano-meters. Perfect for recording anything at night time without being seen! We also recommend using an IR Illuminator to help extend the IR distance. The more IR's the greater the distance! We stock a few different IR illuminators as well.

We also can change this lens for you if you do not want to try it or install it

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