How to Change Lenses on your Bullet Camera

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Lens Change Instructions
Screw off the lens cover to expose the lens. Look at the camera from a side view and you should see a small hole located in the threads. Using a regular head eyeglass type screwdriver, loosen that set screw counter clockwise just enough to enable removal of the lens by unscrewing it from the barrel. If you loosen it too much, the set screw may fall out and get lost as it is very tiny.

Now, twist in the new lens, and focus it while you twist it in. You can focus any lens to be clear at any distance, so if you plan to record an object far away, focus the camera on a distant object, then twist the lens until the image is clear. Most lenses do not require that you screw them all the way in. If you overtighten any lens, you may damage the internal threads. When it is properly focused, with your left hand, hold the lens in place pushing in on it to keep it focused perfectly. With your right hand gently tighten the set screw just enough until it locks the lens into place. Do not overtighten the set screw or you may strip it. Now screw the cap back on tightly until you do not see any spacing between the lens cover and the camera.
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