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Q:  Is my camcorder compatible?


A: Your camcorder or video recording device must accepts audio/video inputs with a RCA single pin 1/8" input, that outputs to a 3 way RCA male cable (yellow is video, & red/white are audio) If you plug your camcorder to a TV set to view your video back in play mode, can you then switch your camcorder in record mode and record what is on the TV? If yes, then this will work with your camcorder.  You can also view our camcorder compatibility list section as well.


Q:  Is this unit water-resistant?


A:  Yes, but not submersible. The camera is not fully waterproof unless you silicone the mounting hole on the backside of the camera, which will then make it for use underwater for a short period of time. We would not recommend using this camera to record snorkeling or diving excursions. If you are looking for a complete waterproof camera, up to 3 meters, you may want to view our ATC-2000 product.


Q:  I'm new to these cameras and would like to use it for hunting. How does this camera compare to the hunt cam kits I see for more money?


A:  This is just as good if not better. You may want to get an 8 or 12mm lens for detailed hunting applications depending on distance.  It is easy to swap lenses on this camera.  It also comes with a money back guarantee!


Q:I want a camera to use in my race car.  Which camera and mounts do you recommend?


A:  We recommend our 520 Res Tornado Camera w/ Varifocal Lens for all race car setups.  This camera is slightly larger in width and length than our 520 bullet camera, but it also has a larger CCD sensor, which will display more true, vivid colors.


The Tornado Camera also has a varifocal lens, which means you can focus near or far, by simply tuning the lens, instead of actually switching lenses, like in our 520 bullet camera.  This varifocal lens is not covered by a lens cover, like our 520 bullet camera is, that is why we recommend it only for use in controlled indoor environments. Examples: cars & cockpits, etc…


We have 3 mounts that are included in this kit and we have many different types of mounts, including a window mount and a new roll bar mount, located under the mount section.


You may also want to consider setting up multiple cameras in your car, then running them all to our quad picture-in-picture switcher.  With this setup, you can record up to 4 cameras, all to one recording device.  You can view actual footage of this setup, under our video footage section.


Q: Does the camera come with a remote unit or is one available?


A: A special EFX remote is available for our 520 res model, but it will not turn your camcorder on and off. 




Q: How do I hook up my bullet camera to my camcorder or recorder?


A: You need to locate your A/V in cable and plug it into the correct jack on your camcorder/DVR, then connect the female RCA connections from the bullet camera to the male RCA connectors.  Once hooked up you will need to select the AV IN mode on your camcorder/DVR


Q: My 520 res bullet camera is in negative mode, what should I do?

A: The white rca female on the cam is not for audio, it is for the remote only. If you plug audio into that jack, your camera will turn to a negative look. (If you do not have the remote) plug audio back into the white jack again to reverse the image back to normal, otherwise just press the NEG/POSI button 1 time.


Q: How do I use the remote?

A: To use the PTZ feature, press & hold the tele button to where you want the zoom to be set. Then press & hold pan or tilt to adjustment desired. If you press pan or tilt 1 time quickly, it will internally move by itself back & fourth/up & down until pressed again. Press & hold wide to zoom out. In darker environments, you can press the Day&Night ON/OFF button 1 time to clean the picture up a little. The brightness button has to be pressed multiple times to adjust for proper lighting. On bright days turn it down a few clicks, & on dim days, turn it up for maximum performance clarity. The NEGA/POSI will give you a special negative effect. Press 1 time to turn on and off.

When you disconnect the remote from the camera, the cam will remember all the settings except the tele/pan tilt. That will reset back to normal when power is lost to the cam. You can have multiple cameras on a system, and only need 1 remote to program them.


Q: I've hooked up my bullet camera to my camcorder, but I can't record, what should I do next?


A: You need to make sure your camcorder is in the VCR Play/edit mode for the camera to display. You should see a button that states Line In under the menu options.  Select the option and then you should see the 520 camera display. 


To test the camera on a TV, run the yellow video cable, from the bullet camera directly to a TV w/ front AV jacks. Also, make sure to have brand new batteries in the battery pack.  Once you select your TV to that front mode, or line in 1 or 2, then you should see the camera being displayed on the TV.


If you're still having problems, please refer to our FAQ's here, as everything is explained better here for you or your camcorders owners manual, as every camcorder has their own unique way of getting it into the AV IN mode.


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