Spypoint Link Micro LTE Trail Camera Security Steel Lock Box

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The SB-300S steel security lock box has been designed for the 4-LED Spypoint Link Micro series of cameras,including the Link Micro S. When you need more security than just a cable can provide, the SB-300S delivers 16-guage zinc-coated steel construction for any protection you may need. The Spypoint SB-300S security box is equipped with holes for both pad and cable locks, as well as holes in the back to secure the box directly to the tree, using one of our high quality tree mounts.Camera not Included


  • Hole on front to a install a padlock
  • Holes on both side to insert a cable-lock
  • Holes on back to anchor it to a tree or wall
  • Fits all Spypoint Link 4 LED Cameras

Compatible with:

  • Spypoint Link Micro Nationwide and Verizon
  • Spypoint Link Micro LTE Nationwide and Verizon
  • Spypoint Link Zico S LTE Nationwide and Verizon

Please note The Spypoint SB-300S may affect wireless connectivity of cellular cameras, especially in areas with marginal cellular signal

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