Spypoint Cell-Link Verizon Nationwide LTE Universal Trail Camera Cellular Adapter

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The Cell-Link by SpyPoint takes scouting to the next level, the cellular level, by turning virtually any current non-cellular camera that uses an SD card slot into a cellular-capable device, regardless of the cameras manufacturer. The Cell-Link uses the SD card slot to access the cameras images and send them to the mobile app. Coming with 100 free photos/month no extra plans need to be purchased. However, if 100 free photos/month is not enough, then there are several other photo transmission plans available, with unlimited photo transmission coming in at less than $10/month. The Cell-Link is ultra-compact to avoid drawing unwanted attention to a camera location. Big technology does not have to come at a big price. Take advantage of the Spypoint Experience and the advanced digital scouting features that come with it.


  • Works with virtually any existing non-cellular camera
  • Universal compatibility via SD card slot
  • LTE photo transmission
  • Ultra compact discrete design
  • Comes with 100 FREE photo transmissions/month
  • Can be powered either through AA, SpyPoint KIT-12V or SpyPoint LIT-10 (recommended) batteries
  • Various other photo transmission plans available through SpyPoint


  • Network Support: Verizon Enabled or Nationwide
  • SIM: Pre activated
  • Color: Grey
  • Power: AA batteries (8) or KIT-12V or LIT-10
  • External Power: 12V power jack
  • Height: 2.2"
  • Width: 2.2"
  • Depth: 2.2"


  • Memory card adapter cable
  • MicroSIM card (pre activated and inserted into the Cell-Link)
  • Mounting strap
  • Quickstart guide

Formatting your microSD Card

Before inserting the microSD card into your CELL-LINK, it must be reformatted via a computer to ensure proper functionality. Memory card is sold separately. Whether you choose to use a microSD card you previously used in another device or a brand new one you've just bought, it's capacity must not exceed 32GB and it must be reformatted. Do not use the ''Quick format'' option.


It is strongly recommended to mount your Cell-Link cellular module directly above your camera leaving as little space as possible between the two. Doing so will reduce the risk of having animals cause damage to the cable. If your cable memory car adapters gets damaged, replacement cables can be ordered separately.

Recommended camera settings

  • A low-resolution photo format
  • A delay no shorter than 1 minute between each detection
  • In time lapse mode, a delay no shorter than 1 minute
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