Special EFX Remote Control PTZ

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With this new remote, our 520 res bullet camera will pan back and fourth, tilt up and down, switch from positive to negative imaging, and zoom in digitally up to 3X!  (Covers a 92 degree field).  With a push of a button, you can zoom in with the remote and it's just like changing to a closeup lens, you will get many different views to record.   The remote also has brightness control.  Turn up the brightness on those cloudy days/night fall or turn it down for those sunny days. If you film in the winter with snow, & bright sunlight, you should use this remote to back down the gain on the bullet cam. It makes a world of difference for that situation.

The optional Multi-Functional Effects Remote Control with RCA male connector is not needed to use or function the helmet camera! It does make the camera work to its full capability though.


·        Digital Day/NightFeature

·        Tele-Photo+PTZ (Pan-Tilt-3X Zoom) Will auto pan, & auto tilt on command when tele-photo/zoom is active.

·        Brightness/Lighting filter Control for bright days, or lower light conditions & a cool Negative Inversion Effect. No battery required to power the remote. It will work with the cameras power.

·        With the optional remote, this bullet cam amazingly will Digitally pan back and fourth, tilt up and down, and zoom in up to 3x. The Camera Itself will not move, only the video image will accept pan-tilt & zoom through the 130 degree field of view if you purchase the PTZ remote control. No other bullet cam on the market can do this. We also offer the RS485 model that will work through a digital video surveillance recorder, or over the net.

Operational instructions: KA-08

Does not need an internal battery, it gets power from the camera. The white rca female on the cam is not for audio, it is for the remote only. If you plug audio into that jack, your camera will turn to a negative look. (If you do not have the remote)plug audio back into the white jack again to reverse the image back to normal, otherwise just press the NEG/POSI button 1 time. When using the remote while connected to the camera you have to press the buttons firmly with your thumbnail towards the middle of the button. To use the PTZ feature, press & hold the tele button to where you want the zoom to be set. Then press & hold pan or tilt to adjustment desired. If you press pan or tilt 1 time quickly, it will internally move by itself back & fourth/up & down until pressed again. Press & hold wide to zoom out. In darker environments, you can press the Day&Night ON/OFF button 1 time to clean the picture up a little. The brightness button has to be pressed multiple times to adjust for proper lighting. On bright days turn it down a few clicks, & on dim days, turn it up for maximum performance clarity. The NEGA/POSI will give you a special negative effect. Press 1 time to turn on and off. When you disconnect the remote from the camera, the cam will remember all the settings except the tele/pan tilt. That will reset back to normal when power is lost to the cam. You can have multiple cameras on a system, and only need 1 remote to program them.


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