Spartan Trail Camera Solar Panel Mounting Bracket

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Make mounting a solar panel easy with our solar panel bracket. These aluminum brushed arms are lightweight yet sturdy, and allow a 10 or 15W Spartan Solar Panel to be mounted on a mounting pole or tree mount in just a few simple steps.We’ve designed an all-new mounting kit for our solar panels. This sturdy kit comes with the arm and necessary mounting screws and washers and can be used in tandem with a traditional camera mount, tripod or post. When used with mounts like the Quick Aim Mount or Stealth Mount, the solar panel can be angled to ensure that the sun will hit the surface and collect energy efficiently. The simple design makes mounting the solar panel a breeze, so you don’t have to spend time or money making or buying other complicated setups.(tree mount not included)


  • Step 1: Place bracket on back of solar panel
  • Step 2: Place and tighten washers and wingnuts
  • Step 3: Attach to tree/tree mount
  • Step 4: Connect cables and enjoy


  • Bracket
  • Solar panel mounting hardware
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