Screw-on Protective Lens Covers for Insta360 GO 2 Mini Action Camera

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The Insta360 Lens Guards are a 2-pack replacement for the original lens guard included with the GO 2 camera. These screw-on lens protectors are designed to be used at all times, safeguarding the lens from scratches and other forms of damage. In addition to general use, the camera requires a Lens Guard when used underwater, as it is not waterproof without one. However, it is important to note that only one guard can be attached to the camera at any given time. These lens guards provide a practical and efficient solution for protecting your camera's lens, ensuring that your footage remains clear and pristine.


  • Includes 2x GO 2 Lens Guards
  • Designed with hardened glass
  • Ati-fogging protective coating
  • Screw -on replacement

Compatible with:

  • Insta360 GO 2 camera
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