Right Angle AV Plug Philips & Lyra

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Right Angle AV Cable - Now Available!

This is a brand new 4ft industrial grade right angle AV in & out cable. It has a 3.5mm input jack plus 3 way video & stereo.

Protect your DVR's AV input with our NEW 4ft right angle AV in/out cable! Many DVR’s come with a standard straight AV cable that can easily be damaged if you were to bump it too hard. The AV ports on all DVR's are very sensitive and if damaged you will not be able to record any videos! Save yourself the trouble and upgrade to the right angle cable to prevent this and to streamline the cable flush against the DVR.

Note: This cable will not work for a Sony, Canon, JVC, Panasonic camcorder, however looks the same.

This cable allows input & output to be used at the same time if your media player recorder has a separate AV in-out jack plug, & you still have the original cable sold with your DVR.

This cable has been tested successfully with:
Philips PMC7230
RCA Lyra X2400 & X3030
PS668 media center

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