Remo Voice Activated Remote Gopro Hero5 Hero6 Hero7 Fusion Refurbished

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What to do when your HERO5, HERO6 or HERO7 camera can't hear you? The GoPro Remo voice-activated remote can help relay your voice commands to HERO5, HERO6 or HERO7 (black and session) cameras up to 33' away. Remo's conveniently small form-factor can be easily clipped onto outerwear or strapped to your wrist. It's also waterproof to 16'. For additional control Remo's one lone button can access one-button functionality on the HERO5, HERO6 or HERO7 cameras. This was a new remote that had a dead battery and we replaced it with a better long life battery. It is still waterproof also, but we do not recommended it for deep submersion because of the chance of water leaking into the USB port since all it uses to cover that hole is a rubber plug, but it does work! Includes all parts shown in picture

Note: You can also send us your non working remote for a new battery and modification.


  • Voice control
  • 33' range
  • 13 Commands
  • One-button shutter
  • Waterproof to 16'
  • 10 Languages
  • Small Form Factor
  • Clips to Outerwear
  • 90 day warranty included
  • Gopro smart remote VS Remo:

  • Connect to up to 50 cameras simultaneously:
  • Smart remote: Yes Remo: No
  • Range up to 600ft:
  • Smart remote: Yes Remo: No (Remo has a range of 33ft/10m )
  • Waterproof to 33ft:
  • Smart remote: Yes Remo: No (Remo is waterproof to 16ft/5m )
  • Change camera settings remotely:
  • Smart remote: Yes Remo: No (Remo is waterproof to 16ft/5m )
  • Connect to all Wi-Fi enabled GoPro cameras with RC function:
  • Smart remote: Yes Remo: No (limited to Hero5/6 )
  • Turn camera On/Off:
  • Smart remote: Yes Remo: Yes
  • Wearable/Mountable:
  • Smart remote: Yes Remo: Yes
  • Voice Commands:
  • Smart remote: No Remo: Yes
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