Octopus Leg Wrap Around Universal 1/4" Flexible Camera Tripod Mount

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This flexible camera tripod is a versatile and practical mount for photographers and videographers. With its ability to bend and rotate up to 360 degrees, this tripod offers unparalleled flexibility in capturing shots from various angles. Its lightweight design makes it ideal for both travel and everyday use, ensuring easy portability without sacrificing stability. Whether you need a stable platform on a solid surface like a table or a ledge, or you want to get creative by wrapping it around a tree branch or a pole, this tripod adapts to any situation, providing a secure base for your camera.


  • Flexible for easy positioning
  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • Adjustable ball head
  • 1/4" universal mounting screw

Compatible with:

  • Most cameras and adapters with 1/4" mounting.
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