Multi-Channel GPS WiFi Detector for Wireless Devices

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Designed as a Smartphone and GPS detection device, it is highly sophisticated portable detection in an easy to operate handheld scanner. Capable of detecting the most common digital cellular frequencies, the system offers the ability to adjust the antenna sensitivity while either scanning the entire frequency spectrum or simply scanning one spectrum at a time. It's small and compact for easy, counter-surveillance.


  • 6 channels of detection for different kinds of devices
  • Detection of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • 6 bar graphs with 10-segments each, for accurate location of RF sources
  • 4 modes: Silent, Vibration, Visual and Listen
  • Extra display shows which signal type has been detected
  • Setup mode with selection the threshold level for vibration


  • Detection range:Up to 30 feet
  • Operation time: Up to 10-15 hours
  • Can detect:
    • Baby-monitors
    • 3G video cameras
    • Spy phones
    • GPS Trackers
    • Bluetooth bugging devices
    • Spy phones with Bluetooth/Wi-Fi
    • Wi-Fi bugging devices


  • Manual
  • Two Antennas
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