Mini 520 Res White LED Bullet IR Camera

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This mini 520 res white LED mini bullet camera is excellent in low light or no light conditions with a 92 degrees wide angle lens. This camera features glowing white LED technology. It can be powered directly from any Lawmate DVR and works with many other mini DVRs, including our HD-DVR1. This is a single cable that is 30ft in length, so there are no bulky connectors, just a 2.5mm male tip input to your DVR. We also can customize this camera for use with our mobile DVR's with a standard RCA connection and with optional external audio input.


  • 30ft right angle 2.5mm cable
  • Compatible with all Lawmate DVR's and HD-DVR1
  • Easy to conceal
  • White LED


  • Power: 5V or 12V
  • FOV: 92°
  • Resolution: 520
  • Lux: .007
  • Focal Ratio: f1.2
  • Dimensions: 1 1/2cm x 3cm
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