HitCam IR Waterproof 4K Hunting Scope Camera 850nm Infrared Flashlight

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This includes the removeable rechargeable battery and external USB battery charger, which is excluded from other sellers online.

HitCam is the newest high powered scope camera from RunCam. The 850nm wavelength is a good choice for infrared illuminators because it is near the peak sensitivity of night vision devices. The flashlight illuminators is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of applications. This infrared illuminator can be used to improve the visibility of animals in low-light conditions. This can be helpful for hunters who are trying to track or shoot animals at night. With a variable range from 20 to 200 meters this IR flashlight is very heavy duty and powerful. These are a popular choice for hunters, security professionals, and law enforcement officers. It is made of durable aluminum housing that can withstand harsh environments. It is powered by removeable rechargeable battery, which is included along with the external battery charger.


  • Light Source: IR LED
  • Wavelength: 850nm
  • Power Output: 5W
  • Range: 20-200 meters
  • Weight: 184g(without battery)
  • Battery Type: 18650
  • Material: Metal


  • IR Flashlight
  • Battery
  • External Battery USB Charger
  • Hitcam Offset Flashlight Mount
  • Remote Pressure Switch
  • Carry Case
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