H5 Pro Ribcage Hero5 Gopro C-CS Mod

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Unleash the power of the Hero5 Black by mounting M12, CS and C-Mount lenses! Most other popular lens types can be mounted with optional adapters. Karma ready with compatible lenses.


  • Keep full 4K resolution with narrow fields of view
  • Optically correct fisheye distortion without processing
  • Add shooting features like focus, zoom and iris control for professional results not possible with the regular lens
  • Get professional looking defocused backgrounds
  • Add custom optical filters for your application
  • Create professional high resolution cinematic footage for less money
  • Fit a professional camera in a small space
  • Incredible macro
  • Shoot Infra-Red, NIR and NDVI
  • Full 4K UHD out via HDMI for external capture
  • Fit in small drones / gimbals
  • Connect to microscopes, telescopes and more


  • Ribcage H5PRO Modified Hero5 Black
  • Battery
  • Frame Mount
  • 2x IR-Cut Filter
  • 5mm C-Mount ring
  • M12 to CS adapter
  • M12 locking ring
  • Original Hero5 lens
  • Hero5 lens adapter ring
  • Plastic cap
  • USB-C Cable
  • Curved adhesive mount
  • Flat adhesive mount
  • Mounting buckle
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