GoPro HERO 4 Black with Ribcage AIR Drone Mod Installed

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Designed from the ground up to be as light as possible, the new Ribcage AIR for for GoPro Hero4 is perfect for any aerial platform but we designed it specifically with the 3DR Solo in mind. Benefit to the max from 3DR’s unique full camera control – only now with interchangeable lenses to get exactly the look you want. Many distortion free wide angle lenses are available. Use M12 lenses under 10 grams on the Solo or most other small GoPro handheld or aerial gimbals*. Use CS, C-mount or larger lenses on bigger aerial platforms and gimbals. You can even fly with some great vintage D-Mount and Bolex lenses.

All of the lens mounting rings are easily removable for filter replacement and sensor cleaning. Combine up to two custom filters in camera at the same time. You won’t need filters for all your different lenses anymore, just for the camera! Now you can use ND, cold mirror, NDVI and other custom wavelength filters with your M12 lenses, or lenses that have no filter threads on the front. Choose from our line of tried and tested high resolution lenses, or use your own. Browse through our library of high resolution lenses to find the right lens for your needs!

* M12 lenses under 10 grams recommended for Solo and other GoPro gimbals. Back-Bone’s ‘DEAD WEIGHT’ gimbal balancing kit for Solo recommended for best results and to reduce wear on the gimbal. CS and C-Mount lens types are too heavy for GoPro based gimbals. These are recommended only for larger platforms.


  • Specially designed to fit the 3DR SOLO gimbal!
  • New ‘Deep Socket’ M12 mount is compatible with even more lenses, reducing the need for heavy adapters
  • Out of the box compatibility with M12(S-Mount), CS-Mount , C-Mount lenses and accessories
  • Combine up to two different filters of two different sizes in camera at the same time
  • Custom Back-Bone GOcase included!
  • Fully compatible with the EXO mini Mounting Bracket
  • Easily removable mounting rings allow access to the image sensor for cleaning
  • Adjustable flange distance


  • 1x Ribcage AIR Mod Kit professionally installed on a Hero4 Black camera
  • 1x Custom Back-Bone GOcase
  • All manuals, accessories and cables included with the original product
  • 1x Original GoPro lens, prepared for use in the Ribcage
  • 2x IR cut filter (15mm)
  • 1x IR cut filter holder / spacer
  • 1x Micro Allen key for adjusting the flange distance
  • 1x packet of spare screws and L-keys and hardware
  • GoPro Battery

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