GoPro 3+ Plus Black with Ribcage Back-Bone Mod Installed

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Includes GoPro 3+ Black camera with Ribcage Mod installed with StuntCams warranty!

After several rounds of design changes, refinements and testing the Ribcage mod for GoPro Hero3 and Hero3+ Black is complete! The new design features a removable tripod mount with three mounting positions, adjustable flange distance for precise lens control and much more! Use almost any lens by connecting miniature M12, CS-Mount and C-Mount lenses. Connect almost any other type of lens with C-Mount adapters. You’ll be able to take full advantage of the great resolutions and frame rates of the Hero3+ Black, but now with manual focus and depth of field, making it a perfect solution for indie films and big productions that need to get cameras in tight spaces or are looking for a killer, cost effective solution. Its light weight makes it an ideal camera option for multi-rotor RC rigs!

More Lens Options: The Hero3 cameras feature an awesome, crisp and sharp wide angle lens in order to capture all the action, but this may not be the look you’re trying to achieve. With the option to change lenses filmmakers can easily get any look they want from this great camera – and you can use the original lens too!

Depth of Field and Manual Focus: To achieve a more cinematic look many filmmakers wish to use a more shallow depth of field, creating a ‘bokeh’ or blurred background and foreground. By adding different lenses the user can now manually control the focus and F-stop to create the ideal look.

Zoom: With a manual zoom or telephoto lens attached you can achieve sharp detail from a great distance, and perform zooming during filming

Night Vision: The Ribcage mod kit has a removable IR cut filter, allowing the user the ability of filming with or without the filter. The benefit of this is, with the addition of an IR light source such as a battery powered IR LED panel, you get instant night vision! All you ghost hunters out there can film in complete darkness and still control multiple cameras with the WiFi remote!

Use Your Old SLR Lenses: How many of us have that old camera bag in the closet gathering dust? The optics and manual controls on most older SLR film camera lenses are excellent! Why not breathe new life into them by using them on your Ribcage? With the proper adapter ring you can attach almost any popular brand of manual lens to our mod, including Canon, Nikon, Pentax and more!

Affordability: Why dish out thousands of dollars for similar features? Add our mod to your camera and have it all for a lot less money! Use the extra cash to add more cameras to your production!

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