Bullet HD Polarized Neutral Density Lens Filter

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Works with all Bullet HD cameras!

Say goodbye to washed out videos while filming outside or in the snow!

These .5" paper thin polarized filter gels were developed by StuntCams for filming on bright sunny days or snow. Simply drop one right into the lens cover, between the camera and lens cover and you're in business!

This filter gel will produce a much better & cleaner video in greater detail when used in these conditions. It can improve the video picture quality up to 85%, with no white out effect, when facing directly into sunlight.

Neutral Density/polarizer filter. This little gem needs some explaining. Ever seen a video where the tires are going backwards or where you see RC/helicopter blades as if they are standing still? Wouldn't it be nice to blur them? All you have to do is cut out some of the light to the lens and you'll get nice realistic blurred propellers, tires, roads, etc. to give you a natural feel. This filter simply goes between the HD Hero camera lens and the underwater housing lens. But wait, there's more. It's also a polarizing filter making the sky deeper blue, removing water reflections and giving more vibrant colors all around. For more information, please refer to the POLARIZER Information Document

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