Back-Bone Ribcage H5 Slim Modified GoPro Hero5 Camera

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Note: This is a special order Item that is built to order; current lead time 4-6 business days.

By removing the battery and WiFi board from the camera we’ve created a new slim, super-light weight, all aluminum body for the GoPro HERO5 that can be powered indefinitely via USB-C. The camera’s light weight and permanent power make it perfect for long duration body mounting. Take full advantage of the 4K resolution, frame rates and high quality of GoPro’s proven HERO5 camera with your own choice of lens. Capture medical and dental procedures or use it for your custom product builds and projects. This camera is designed to work best with tiny high-res M12 lenses, but CS & C-Mount lens mounts are also included. You can even connect SLR and most other popular lens types if ever required, or mount the camera on microscopes or telescopes.

As with the other Back-Bone camera mods, the infrared blocking filter is removable for IR, NIR or NDVI shooting. We carry IR-Cut, IR Cold Mirror ( IR Pass ) and ND filters. Any 15mm Diameter x 1mm thick filter can be used. Note: USB-C power only, no WiFi/GPS.

Package Includes:

  • Modified Hero5 Black
  • Tripod Mounting Bracket
  • M12 Mount
  • CS-Mount Ring
  • 5mm C-Mount Spacer
  • IR-Cut Filters (2)
  • Hardware packet with screws and L-keys
  • Custom Back-Bone case
  • USB-C power cable
  • More Information
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