Back-Bone Ribcage H12PRO Modified MFT M12 CS C Mount GoPro Hero12 Black Camera

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Note: This is a special order Item that is built to order; current lead time 4-6 business days. This camera does not include a lens. Please contact us if you have any questions before purchasing.

Unleash the full potential of this powerhouse by customizing your lens selection with M12, CS-Mount, C-Mount and MFT options. With 10-bit color and GP-Log, you'll capture images and videos with unparalleled depth and detail. The addition of HDR video and up to 120 Mb/s bitrate recording ensures your footage is vivid and crisp. Explore the innovative 5.3K 8:7 shooting mode and impressive frame rates like 5K/60, 4K/120, and 2.7K/240, as well as 4K 4:3 @ 60fps. The HERO12 Black maintains its impressive 5K resolution even with narrow fields of view or specialty lenses, allowing for professional defocused backgrounds and optical correction of fisheye distortion. With the new GoPro Enduro battery, your adventures last longer, even in cold conditions. Experience the next-generation 'HyperSmooth 6.0' video stabilization for silky-smooth footage. Unlock the potential for professional-grade results with focus, zoom, and iris control. Connect your HERO12 Black to microscopes, telescopes, drones, and gimbals, creating a world of possibilities for high-resolution cinematic footage. The GoPro HERO12 Black isn't just a camera; it's a creative powerhouse that opens doors to endless opportunities.


  • Use M12, CS-Mount, C-Mount and manual MFT lenses
  • 10-bit color / GP-Log
  • HDR Video
  • Up to 120 Mb/s bitrate recording
  • New 5.3K 8:7 shooting mode
  • 5K/60, 4K/120, 2.7K/240 as well as 4K 4:3 @ 60fps!
  • Keep full 5K resolution with narrow fields of view or specialty lenses
  • Get professional defocused backgrounds
  • Live streaming & webcam
  • Longer battery life, especially in cold conditions with the new GoPro Enduro battery
  • Next generation ‘HyperSmooth 6.0’ video stabilization*
  • Clean HDMI out available via GoPro Media Mod (sold separately)
  • Use vintage lenses like Bolex & D-Mount for unique footage
  • Optically correct fisheye distortion without processing
  • Focus, zoom and iris control for professional results not possible with the original fisheye lens
  • Create professional high resolution 5K/60 cinematic footage for less money
  • Fit a professional camera in a small space
  • Incredible macro
  • Fit in small drones / gimbals
  • Connect to microscopes, telescopes and more!


    • Video Resolution: 5312 x 2988 @ 60 fps (MP4 via H.265/HEVC) 3840 x 2160 @ 100/120 fps (MP4 via H.265/HEVC), 2704 x 1520 @ 200/240 fps (MP4 via H.265/HEVC), 1920 x 1080p @ 200/240 fps (MP4 via H.265/HEVC)
    • Photo Resolution: 27MP


  • H12PRO Modified HERO12 Black camera
  • Aluminum Tripod Mount
  • Original folding GoPro mount
  • Enduro battery
  • 5mm C-Mount ring
  • M12 to CS adapter
  • MFT mount for manual lenses
  • M12 locking ring
  • Plastic cap (C-Mount)
  • USB-C cable
  • Curved adhesive mount
  • Mounting buckle
  • Protective glass filter
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