Back-Bone Ribcage GoPro Hero5 Ripcord Ribbon Cable Camera

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GoPro Hero5 BLACK Ripcord editions now available for modification!!! Our camera mods have been featured on these shows: Ghost Hunters, Chasing Bigfoot, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, and many more.

Reach farther with the Back-Bone Ripcord camera and you can harness the power of GoPro HERO5 Black with the ability to place the image sensor up to 6 feet (1.83m) from the camera body. The image sensor is contained in a small aluminum housing with a detachable tripod mounting plate that can be connected to the bottom or sides. M12, CS-Mount and C-Mount lens mounting options are included. Infrared capable with a removable IR-Cut filter. Cameras are built to order – please allow 5-7 business days.

Take full advantage of the 4K resolution, frame rates and high quality of GoPro’s proven HERO5 Black for your custom product builds and projects. Our Ripcord technology allows you to remove the image sensor from the camera and place it up to 6 feet (1.8m) from the camera body in a small, lightweight housing. Mount tiny high-res M12 lenses, CS & C-Mount or the original GoPro fisheye lens. You can even connect SLR and most other popular lens types if required. There are an incredible number of use cases once the image sensor is removed from the camera body. The bulk and weight of the camera are removed from the area where the lens needs to be positioned. Now you can mount a lens directly between a person’s eyes while placing the camera body at the back of the head or in a waist pouch. Mount the camera in difficult areas like inside the tubing of a hockey goal or integrated into sports or motorcycle helmets. Car windshield mounted cameras take up much less room in the driver’s view. Multiple lenses can be placed where needed in a small space with the camera bodies centrally located for easier power and memory card management. You can build cameras into areas with thin walls and so much more! As with our other camera mods, the infrared blocking filter is removable for IR, NIR or NDVI shooting. You can also stack up to 2 filters inside the sensor housing at the same time. We carry IR-Cut, IR Colder Mirror ( IR Pass ) and ND filters. Any 15mm Diameter x 1mm thick filter can be used.


  • 1x Modified Hero5 Black with Image Sensor Extension
  • 1x Sensor Tripod Mount
  • 1x Sidearm Mounting Bracket (for camera body)
  • 1x M12 Mount
  • 1x CS-Mount Ring
  • 1x 5mm C-Mount Spacer
  • 2x IR-Cut Filters
  • 1x Hardware packet with screws and L-keys
  • 1x Custom GOcase
  • 1x Battery
  • 1x USB-C charging cable
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