4D Battery Pack USB Portable Power Charger

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Did your original battery pack get rusted, corroded or short out? This device is designed to replace your original battery back. 5V DC output allows you to also charge items such as cell phone and ipad using the ports in the tent. We recommend sealing this replacement device in a plastic ziplock back to prevent moisture from entering. We recommend using Duracell, Energizer or rechargeable batteries for best results.

PLEASE NOTE: You must contact us before or immediately after ordering this product to clarify which version you need (male of female USB). Ozark Trail made two versions of their tents, we need to verify that you either have a male or female USB port inside your tent. Please contact us if you are not sure, as we must have this information before completing the order. *Tent not included

Works with:

  • Most 5V USB cameras or devices
  • Ozark Trail tents featuring 4D battery pack


  • 1 (opened) 4D Battery Pack with USB female output
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