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May 8, 2015

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NEW! Bullet HD PRO 4 1080p Fire Camera
Waterproof Helmet Cam

The Bullet HD Pro 4 Black Edition is an upgrade of the Bullet HD Pro 3 camera that’s fully waterproof and fire resistant with a 12mp camera and 1080p resolution! The Pro 4 has an increased battery life and is now better in low light conditions. The camera’s waterproof aluminum armored body makes it perfect for many applications!


  • 2 hour battery life
  • Improved low light sensitivity
  • Rechargeable swappable battery
  • New and improved battery
  • 12 megapixel camera with image stabilization technology
  • Full HD 1080p video recording
  • Waterproof up to 30 Feet
  • Fire resistant up to 950°F
  • Vibration & LED mode indicators – Power on: 1 long vibration; start recording: 1 short vibration; stop recording: 3 short vibrations; power off: 2 short vibrations




PatrolEyes HD Police Body Camera’s recent demo at 2015 NAB Show and ISC Events in Las Vegas, NV.

HD Infrared Motion Detection DVR WIFI Camera
This WiFi-Mobile Cam features 26ft night vision range, motion detection and 720p video recording making it a great stealthy camera. With a 100m WiFi hotspot that you can access from your Apple or Android phone to enable you to talk through the camera from your phone. This camera has a 3 second pre-event recording feature so you never miss a moment. This is a great camera for surveillance.


PatrolEyes Mini 720P Police Body Camera
This new PatrolEyes MINI SC-80M-HD is as small as they get and records great audio and video! This camera offers full HD 720p resolution video at 30fps! The SC-80M-HD is about the size of an AA battery and comes in a heavy duty metal alloy shell. Included are a host of accessories including removable belt/pocket alligator clip, neck strap, dash mount, and USB cable for charging.

PatrolEyes Mini 720p Police Camera Body Cam – SC-80M-HD

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June 21, 2012

CamOne Infinity vs. GoPro HERO 2 Review

The GoPro killer is here — introducing the CamOne Infinity!

The CamOne Infinity is a new action camera new to the market. Though it uses the same processor and does everything the GoPro HERO 2 does, the CamOne Infinity is anything but a pale imitator.

  • Interchangeable Lenses: The removable and adjustable lens allows you to customize the field of view and the picture to your liking. The CamOne Infinity is also compatible with all of our aftermarket lenses made for the GoPro HERO.
  • Smaller & Lighter: The CamOne Infinity weighs less than a pound and is ultimately smaller than the GoPro HERO. Less bulk will allow a myriad of other opportunities.
  • Built-in LCD Screen: The CamOne Infinity, unlike the GoPro HERO, comes with a LCD screen built-in, allowing instant review of your footage and taken pictures.
  • Compatibility: In addition to lens compatibility, you can also use all GoPro mounts with the CamOne Infinity.
  • LEDs: The CamOne Infinity features two white LEDs in the front, instantly making it better than the GoPro HERO in low light.
  • Dual Micro SD Slots: Unseen in any camera in its league, the CamOne Infinity boasts two different Micro SD slots. Equipped with a 32GB card in each slot, 64GB of storage is possible.
  • Loop Recording: The CamOne Infinity allows loop recording, so you can record videos in 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 minute segments, perfect for dash camera use.
  • Time Lapse: The CamOne Infinity allows time lapse shooting.
  • Time/Date Stamp: You can easily adjust the time/date stamp with the CamOne Infinity, allowing accuracy when reviewing your footage.
  • Ambarella Chip: The CamOne Infinity uses the same Ambarella processor as the GoPro HERO 2, which provides excellent HD quality.


  • GPS: Using the optional GPS G-Sensor add-on, you can activate your CamOne Infinity to receive GPS information with software for both ground and air use.
  • Motion Detection: You can set up your CamOne Infinity to start recording as soon as motion is detected with low, medium and high sensitivity settings.
  • WiFi Module: The upcoming wireless add-on for the CamOne Infinity allows all the same features as the similar GoPro kit, but the CamOne’s will be able to create its own wireless hotspot.

The CamOne Infinity outperforms the GoPro HERO 2 in multiple ways. You can order it now from StuntCams and try it for yourself!

August 8, 2011

Drift HD Action Mini Camera

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Drift Innovation’s new camera, the Drift HD Action, is their most efficient and feature-rich camera yet. The Drift HD Action is small (25% more compact than its predecessor), durable, expandable, complex yet easy-to-use, and overall one of the best cameras on the market you can buy. Pre-order it from Stuntcams now!

May 11, 2011

New Contour+ (Plus) Helmet Camera

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Contour’s new POV camera, the Contour+, will boast an HDMI-out port, better image quality and the viewing angle has been upgraded from 140 degrees to 170. It will be Bluetooth enabled so you can use your mobile phone as a viewfinder and will also have a microphone plug for external microphones. Will be available on Stuntcams soon!

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