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June 9, 2014

What is the best underwater filter for GoPro 3+?

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Glad you asked…

GoPro 3 Red Filter –

Inexpensive and effective, but requires an install

You can use this with your 3+ case:

It’s cut for the 3 case but will still work and pull tight over the 3+ model.

We also offer the red filter with a dive housing, which is better than the 3+ case, and is rated for deeper dives:

3rd solution: – Best housing with oculus filter.

I would also go to a dive shop and have them test the item if you don’t want to waste a dive on your trip, so they can pressure check it for you. ¬†Even though the cases are ‘waterproof’, GoPro will not cover a soaked camera, even if it was their case in the original state…

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