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November 21, 2011

GoPro Original and Infrared Sensitive Lenses Available Now!

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StuntCams now stocks GoPro original and infrared replacement lenses! The new infrared lens has a sensitive night vision ready lens that will see any infrared light source from 800-940 nanometers. The lens is perfect for any night time recording! Both the original fisheye and infrared lenses have a 170 degree field of view and work with both original GoPro and GoPro 2 models. Buy them today!

Original Fisheye Lens
Infrared Lens

November 7, 2011

Gun Cam & Bow Hunting Cameras Buying Guide

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The perfect hunting camera for Bow or Gun Hunters!

So you want to film your hunt, but not sure what’s the best camera to do so. ¬†We recommend for hunters a good close up view rather than a extreme wide angle that will be too far away to see any detail.

Here’s our recommended cameras in order of preference; now you just have to decide what size and setup will work best for you.

GoPro HD with custom lens
(6MM or greater – complete custom views)
FC3 HD (narrow version – 60 degree FOV)
Bullet HD LITE (135 degree FOV)
FC3 HD (wide angle version – 120 degree FOV)
Eagle Eye HD Wide Angle (125 degree FOV)

Our custom rollbar mount will mount right around your stabilizer as well so the camera can be easily taken on/off, or we have custom headband holders as well to fit many of our cameras.

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