Sony Mini 480 Res Bullet Camera (With Inline Mic - 5V)

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Model: SC-18-5V

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Features and Description
This is a 5V Mini Bullet Camera with inline microphone, quick disconnect and with a wide angle 2.8MM lens installed! This camera is only 5 Volts instead of 12 Volts, like our other cameras, so it only requires half the power! A 4AA battery pack with on/off switch is included to power the camera and microphone.

This 5V mini camera is the smallest bullet camera that will automatically switch from color to B/W, when there is not enough light present and measures only 1.5 inches long with a 18MM diameter! It is nearly 2/3rds the size of all of our other cameras and provides great video at a great price!

Pair this camera with our PV500 LITE DVR to power the camera with no extra battery packs needed!

Package includes:
• 4AA Battery Pack
• 1 Flat Surface Cam Clip

• 2.8MM Wide Angle Interchangeable Lens
• 3ft Cable with RCA and DC power connections
• Inline Microphone with Quick Disconnect

• 480 Res Color Day/Night
• Compact size - 18MM Diameter (Same size as a dime!)
• Completely Waterproof!
• CCD 1/3" Superhad
• DC 5V
• LUX Rating: .1 Lux

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