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Sony Mini 480 Res Bullet Camera (With Inline Mic - 5V)

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5 of 5 Stars! (5 of 5 Stars!), Wednesday June 02, 2010

by Brian Carpenter

I have only just received my camera and so far I am impressed.

The battery-pack has a ON-OFF switch.
The disconnect jack is a 4 pin Mini-DIN, the same as a S-Video Cable. I was able to use an S-Video Cable with a female to female adapter as an extension cable allowing me to place the battery-pack and recorder further away from the camera and thus more conveniently located. A word of caution not all S-Video cables will work due to the dust cover on the cameras in-line plug. Using the S-Video extension cable also moves the microphone further back, but I do not care since I am not recording audio.