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PatrolEyes WiFi HD Infrared Police Body Camera

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5 of 5 Stars! (5 of 5 Stars!), Wednesday April 19, 2017

by Joshua Fullbeck

I had the Patrol Eyes SD-DV6 and did a review on it. When my review came out they had just made the SC-DV10, which I am using now. I returned the demo and purchased the upgraded model. Overall I absolutely love the camera. I used the magnetic mount and the camera does not go anywhere. I usually put the magnetic piece inside my vest, where my trauma plate goes and then attach the camera to the uniform thus completing the magnetic connection. I have ran with the body camera on and have no issues with it falling down. Even when it does jiggle a little bit when you run it doesn't prohibit the view of any video you are shooting. I've messed with both the iPhone app and desktop cam manager; found that the camera manager for windows is a more suitable option when it comes to downloading videos and pictures. I also turn my camera on at the beginning of my shift and start to charge it around 1 o'clock, which means that from 7am to 1pm its constantly on and pre-recording. It only drops to 33% at 1:00pm and I still have two more hours to go; good battery life. Good video quality; I keep it at 480p and don't need to go any higher. Camera is light, sturdy, and compacts. Smaller than the Taser Axon body camera my local police department carries. Over all, great camera and awesome customer service!