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PatrolEyes SC-DV7 Police Data Transfer 8 Camera Docking Station


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Manufacturer: PatrolEyes
Model: SC-DV7-DS

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Features and Description

The PatrolEyes SC-DV7 docking station can charge and transfer data from up to 8 cameras simultaneously. Using the PatrolEyes HD camera management software (CMS) and docking station you can automatically upload all files to a PC or the PatrolEyes cloud (coming soon) with one click - no cables required! The SC-DV7 docking station features easy drop-in gold-plated contacts, improved data transfer speeds, USB 3.0 compatibility and external battery charging slots. Once the files are successfully transferred the CMS will automatically delete all the files off the device which saves you valuable time and resources.

The CMS is a complete solution to asset management. View your assets within the client and add tags to your assets so they can be found quickly with the built-in search feature. When transferring videos the included files have their own unique device ID, log files, and video/photo files organized into folders so you can easily find the evidence you need. The CMS can be used with both of our PatrolEyes HD firmware versions (Police mode or USB mode) which gives your department the most options to manage your cameras. When using the CMS in police mode you can also quickly set device ID and police ID without the need of going into the cameras menu. Note: We recommend installing this software on a dedicated workstation.

View the SC-DV7-DS Manual

Compatible with:

  • SC-DV7


  • Charges each camera in 2.5 hours
  • Black powder coat finish
  • Built in cooling vents
  • Quick Connect pogo pins to easily transfer files
  • Can be easily mounted to any wall or placed on any surface
  • Transfer data to PC or to the cloud
  • Independent on/off switch


  • Power Input: 100-240VAC/2.5AMP
  • Power Output: DC12V/10AMP
  • Dimensions: 387.35x247.65x127mm
  • Weight: 8lb


  • Docking station power cable
  • USB cable

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