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PatrolEyes SC-DV5 HD Police Camera FAQs and Manuals

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Features and Description
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  1. What is the difference between software mode and usb mode?
    • USB Mode: The pre-installed firmware allows you to transfer files directly to your PC via USB.
    • Police Software Mode:An optional firmware version that allows you to password protect the cameras files, making them only accessible via the included software as well as restricting the option to change the date and time and police ID.

  2. How do I view the files I have recorded?
    • You can view the files directly on the device, using the HDMI to view on a TV or transferring the files via USB to a PC. Note: If your camera is in police software mode you will have to use the police software.

  3. Can the lights on the top of the unit be turned off?
    • No, the lights are very dim and will only be visible from the officer.

  4. What is the difference between high, medium and low in the video quality menu option?
    • High, medium and low are referring to the bitrate of the video. The higher the bitrate the higher the video quality. If you want to get the most battery life, setting the video quality to low will allow you to get up to 1 hour of extra battery life in certain modes.
  5. Can I enable night vision mode without the infrared LED's glowing red for stealth operations?

    • Yes, with our latest firmware you now have this option. In night vision mode, the cameras lens infrared filter is removed which allows more light to pass thru which enables the camera to be 3-4X better than in day mode in low light conditions.

  6. Does audio record with the video in pre-event recording mode?

    • Yes, audio and video are both recorded while in this mode.

  7. How much video can be recorded in pre-event recording mode?

    • It depends on which resolution you are recording in and the video quality mode (bitrate).

    • 1080P (high): 6 seconds
    • 720P (high): 7 seconds
    • 480P (high): 15 seconds
    • 480p (low): 25 seconds
  8. Do you have extended warranties available?

    • Yes, the camera does come with a full 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects and we do offer 2-4 year warranty options as well. Please contact us for pricing.


To install a firmware update on the PatrolEyes HD body camera please download the firmware from the links below.

  1. Plug in your camera via the included USB
  2. Download the appropriate .bin file from the firmware download section below
  3. Once the .bin file has been downloaded, place the .bin file in the ROOT directory of your camera
  4. Unplug the camera from your computer, the camera should power off, turn the camera back on and you should see an "updating" screen on the LCD
  5. Your camera is now updated

USB Mode Firmware: Pre-installed

Fixes/Updates: v20160829

  • Added video clip duration up to 60 minutes
  • Removed the loop recording function

USB Mode Firmware: Loop recording

USB Mode Firmware: Enhanced audio quality for use with external cameras

Software Mode Firmware:

Fixes/Updates: v20160818

  • Same as USB mode

You must install the police password protected software and drivers in order for your camera to be detected while using the software mode firmware.

Note: We recommend upgrading firmware versions only if you are an advanced PC user.
If you are not an advanced PC user and would still like to change firmware versions please send us an email at and we will gladly help you.

PTT Cable Info:

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