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PatrolEyes HD 1080P Infrared Wide Angle Police Body Camera

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5 of 5 Stars! (5 of 5 Stars!), Tuesday April 05, 2016

by david scott

Works as advertised. Seems quite durable and the clip is solid. The laser pointer shows where the centre of the camera is aimed which will aid you in knowing what you're recording when you first start to use it. Instructions were quite clear and easy to follow.....not something I'm used to when dealing with translated material. Video and audio quality is very good. Interior footage with normal lighting is a bit grainy but nothing to worry about. Outdoors in daylight is fine. The Infra-red for night viewing is fantastic. I went into a pitch black room to test it out and I was very impressed. The one touch recording is great but you must make sure to follow the instructions and hold the button (for around 3 seconds) until it vibrates otherwise the unit will turn on but not start recording.

I'd say it's worth what I spent. I'm not in law enforcement...just something handy to have in any work environment.