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PatrolEyes DV1-2 HD Police Camera FAQs and Manuals

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PatrolEyes HD Manual (PE-DV1-2/PE-DV1-XL-2)

PatrolEyes Software Driver Installation Guide


PatrolEyes HD Brochure (PE-DV1-2)


PatrolEyes Warranty

PatrolEyes Remote Support:

PatrolEyes ScreenConnect Support link


  1. What is the difference between password mode and usb mode?
    • USB Mode: The pre-installed firmware allows you to transfer files directly to your PC via USB.
    • Password Mode: An optional firmware version that allows you to password protect the cameras files, making the user input a password before being able to transfer files to a computer. No extra software is needed.

  2. My camera says card full! How do I format my card?
    • If you are on windows, plug your camera into your PC and navigate to "My Computer" or "This PC". You should see your body camera's assigned drive letter. Usually D, E, or F. Depending on how many devices are connected to your computer. Right click on the drive letter assigned to your body camera and select "Format" towards the bottom. Another window will pop up showing you the settings available to format your device. Make sure the "File System" is set to fat32 if your camera is a 32GB model or smaller or exFAT if your camera is 64GB or larger. Enable "Quick Format" and then press "Start". Your device is now formatted.

  3. My camera is not turning on or holding a charge and I've already pressed the reset button!
    • Plug your camera into a wall charger and take not of the status of the blue light. If the blue light is solid but the camera still will not hold a charge you will need to replace the battery. If the blue light does not come on or starts to flicker or is constantly flickering, please contact us.

  4. Can I turn the LCD off?
    • The LCD will automatically turn off to save power or you can always press the "display off" (light bulb) button as well.

  5. How do I view the files I have recorded?
    • You can view the files directly on the device, using the HDMI or AV out port to view on a TV or transferring the files via USB to a PC. Note: If your camera is in police software mode you will have to use the police software.

  6. Can the lights on the top of the unit be turned off?
    • No, the lights are very dim and will only be visible from the officer.

  7. What does file duration mean?

    • File duration is referring to how often the camera splits the video files. The camera will record until the battery is dead or the storage is full

  8. What is the difference between high, medium and low in the video quality menu option?
    • High, medium and low are referring to the bitrate of the video. The higher the bitrate the higher the video quality. If you want to get the most battery life, setting the video quality to low will allow you to get up to 1 hour of extra battery life in certain modes.

  9. Can I replace the battery myself?
    • Yes, please view the battery replacement guide below. If you do not feel comfortable doing this yourself, we can do it for you. Please email us at
  10. Do you have a list of compatible walkie talkie cables?

    • View a list of compatible PTT cables. All non Kenwood and non Motorola models must be special ordered.

  11. Can I enable night vision mode without the infrared LED's glowing red for stealth operations?

    • Yes, with our latest firmware you now have this option. In night vision mode, the cameras lens infrared filter is removed which allows more light to pass thru which enables the camera to be 3-4X better than in day mode in low light conditions.

  12. My videos are sometimes pink during the daytime, how do I fix this?

    • This means the infrared filter has moved out of place. You simply need to press the IR button once again and the IR filter will shift back into place and it will go back into daytime mode. This may occur if the camera was dropped, which can cause the filter to shift into this mode. Please also make sure the IR filter setting in the menu is set accordingly.

  13. Does audio record with the video in pre-event recording mode?

    • Yes, audio and video are both recorded while in this mode.

  14. How much video can be recorded in pre-event recording mode?

    • It depends on which resolution you are recording in and the video quality mode (bitrate).

      • 1080P (high): 6 seconds
      • 720P (high): 7 seconds
      • 480P (high): 15 seconds
      • 480p (low): 25 seconds
  15. Do you have extended warranties available?

    • Yes, the camera does come with a full 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects and we do also offer our PatrolEyes Protection Plus Program for 1-3 years which covers any type of damage that may occur during this period. The cost is $40 for the first year, and $20/year for years 2 and 3.

PTT Cable Info:

View a list of compatible PTT cables.

Battery Replacement Guide:

    No special tools are needed. You will need a small phillips and a flat head screwdriver.
  1. On the back of the camera remove the 4 rubber plugs. They are not glued in.
  2. Unscrew the 4 screws.
  3. Firmly but gently pull the 2 shells apart. They do NOT come apart right away. They are still attached via 2 wires.
  4. You will now see a white, flat cable. The cable will detach from the "front" half of the camera. Where the cable is attached, you should see a black piece of plastic that is slightly wider than the cable. Take a screw driver, and lift both sides up slightly. The piece of plastic will not come out but will become loose.
  5. Now lay the 2 piece side by side on a table. You should now be able to see the battery.
  6. Remove the top 2 screws located on the top PCB board. Do not move it yet.
  7. Remove the 2 screws that secure the metal strap around the battery. Do not move anything yet.
  8. On the other half of the camera, the side with the lens, you will see where the battery connects to the main PCB board. It will most likely have hot glue on the cable.
  9. Take a flat head screwdriver and peel the glue away. Do not dig into the actual board, the glue should peel off with relative ease.
  10. There is a very small clip on the power cable. Depress the clip and pull the cable out.
  11. Back to the other side of the camera. Lift the small PCB board up slightly. Lift the metal strap up and remove the battery.
  12. Now place the replacement battery where the old battery was. Attach the power cable to the power port, you should hear a click. Hot glue is not needed.
  13. Screw the PCB board and the metal battery strap back.
  14. Now attach the flat white cable back to its port. It should slide between the black plastic piece and the port. Take a small screwdriver and press the black plastic tabs back down, securing the cable.
  15. Connect both halves of the camera back together.

Note: If you are not getting any sound from the camera, if sound is enabled, the white flat cable is not secured properly.