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PatrolEyes Digital Evidence Management Software FAQs

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Features and Description

The PatrolEyes Digital Evidence Management software is a complete solution to asset management. Simply connect your camera to your PC and the software will do the rest! The software will automatically upload and remove the footage from the camera to either your local storage server or a remote storage location. The software allows you to add tags, comments and assign categories to the files and even mark files with an importance rating. The software has an advanced permission system to only allow certain users to upload, view, export, or delete data.

DEMS Manual


  1. How much does it cost to register a camera?

    • The cost is $50 per year.
  2. Is there a limit on how many cameras can be registered?

    • No. You can register as many cameras as you would like.
  3. How many cameras can be upload at once?

    • Depending on your license the most simultaneous connections is 20.
  4. I have 20 cameras that are registered. How many can I connect simultaneously and upload data?

    • Our software is based on a 2:1 ratio so you would be able to upload 10 cameras simultaneously.
  5. Is tech support and updates included with a subscription?

    • Depending on your subscription plan, yes! Tech support and software updates are included when you purchase a license. Licenses are available from one to five years, depending on your budget.
  6. What are the system requirement to run the software?

    • Any modern PC running Windows 7 or later will work just fine. If you plan on using a newtworked drive to store your data it must be an iscsi drive.
  7. Can I use my own storage solution?

    • Yes. If you already have a server infrastructure or a dedicated PC you can easily use our software.