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PatrolEyes 1080p HD Mini Covert Body Pocket Pen Camera


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4 of 5 Stars! (4 of 5 Stars!), Saturday February 27, 2016

by Kamil Kalbarczyk

Great camera, hard to tell it's a camera! It's working well with a 32GB micro sd card. But it's working too with a 128GB and a 64GB micro sd card. In order to have the 64 or 128 to work, you just need to download a program to format the micro sd card on FAT32 (ex.: HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool). But with a 32GB, that takes 2 seconds to start. With a 64GB, that takes 4 seconds to start. With a 128GB, that takes 9 seconds to start (to be in standby mode).

The quality is not crystal clear, but it's great for a tiny lens like that (1mm lens) and it's still a 1080p quality, you can see a lot of details. You can add date and time in the video, read the manual to know how.