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Neutral Density Glass Filter Jello Killer for DJI Phantom 3 or 4


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Model: SC-ND100

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Features and Description

This is not made of your average, basic quality resin, plastic or plexiglass. This filter is made from high quality glass. You will not experience any vignetting or dark corners in the video when you use this filter. Perfect for sunny days, this filter warms up the image for improved video quality on your Phantom 3 or 4 quadcopter.

Tip: When the filter is on, go with manual white balance & use manual exposure. Set the ISO to 100 which is the finest grain on a bright sunny day & shutter speed at a 60th gives an ideal motion blur using 4k at 30fps. This enhances the video & makes the movements smoother.


  • Easily to slip on and off as needed
  • Warms up the image
  • Eliminates jello & jitter
  • No vignetting or dark corners


  • F-stop reduction: 3.4
  • Optical density: 1
  • Absorptive Transmission: 10%

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