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Eye Glasses Wired Covert Camera


Availability: Discontinued
Manufacturer: Lawmate
Model: CM-SG10

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Features and Description
This item has been discontinued. Please view our inventory for the replacement item.

This covert camera is hidden at the side of the glasses and is undetectable with the naked eye. Ideal for covert surveillance, this camera records what you see, when you see it, as your see it happen! The glasses are available as clear glasses or sunglasses and supports both NTSC and PAL video signals. The Eye Glass camera works great in low light situations and records video at high resolution.

Note: These glasses do have a cable coming off of them and do require a portable DVR with AV inputs to record


  • Covert Camera, looks like high grade eyeglasses/sunglasses
  • Unisex Design, makes it perfect for males or females!
  • Can be fitted with prescription lenses
  • Includes tinted lenses that you can swap out!
  • Super Attractive And Super Stealth!
  • High Resolution Video
  • Powered with the PV500 Series Digital Video Recorders
  • Works In The Dark! Low Lux Rating (0.05 Lux F1.2)
  • Works Great Paired With PV500EVO and PV500ECO
  • Completely Covert, The camera so small you can not see it even if someone is standing right in front of you
  • Optometrist Type Quality Glasses

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  • Video Resolution: 480 TV Lines
  • Digital Resolution: NTSC: 720 X 525 (max, 640 X 480 (standard)
  • Digital Resolution: PAL: 720 X 625 (max, 640 X 480 (standard)
  • Illumination Sensitivity: 4V (Lux
  • sec)
  • Lens F/No: 2.8
  • Focal Lens: 0.99 mm
  • Lens Diameter: 5.75 mm
  • Angel Of View: 60 degree Plus Or Minus 2 degree
  • Depth Of Field: 1-10 cm
  • Power Supply Voltage: DC 5V
  • Power Supply Current: 110 mAH
  • Video System Switch: NTSC/PAL
  • Dimensions: 5.75 mm X 43.5 mm
  • Weight: 20g


  • Either Clear Eyeglass Style Or Sunglass/Tinted Style Lawmate Covert Video
  • Cords And Adaptors
  • CM-SG10 Manual


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