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Dual Dash Drive Camera w/ GPS tracker logger (Google Maps)

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5 of 5 Stars! (5 of 5 Stars!), Sunday November 21, 2010

by Garry Fraser

We purchased two Dual Dash Drive Cameras DC-DD1 for an atypical single vehicle application--they work as an adjunct to a Viper 5902 twin area sensor, Voice Commander alarm system. One of the reasons we chose this particular alarm is the it will start the engine to warm the cabin when a preset temperature is reached. This is necessary up in northern Alberta as the low operating temperature for the video cameras is -20C which is a daytime high around these parts in winter.

Our new 2010 VW Eos lives in a bad neighborhood and is also being targeted where it's parked at my wife's workplace. The police have told us that without video evidence they will not investigate acts of vandalism or attempted forced entry. The quality of the images captured by the DC-DD1's is more than sufficient in daylight or under a street lamp at night to satisfy the local Constabulary. We did install a US-made 4-camera system several months ago but removed it due to sub-standard performance and dependability issues. After viewing the YouTube videos from the DC-DD1 we knew we had found exactly what was needed. It is a quality built and well designed unit, although the included software and user manual could use further refinement. If the maker were to offer a similar model with HD, 30fps and backlight compensation, we would buy that upgrade immediately!

How did we turn on the rear-mounted unit?--by powering both cameras from the car's 12V feed at the fuse block and installing a push button ON/OFF switch on the center console. Another momentary switch in the rear camera circuit, when pressed, initiates an Event recording...couldn't have been simpler! They run 24/7. When the alarm siren circuit receives a pulse, that pulse also interrupts power to both cameras via a relay, thus initiating an Event recording. Sweet!

By using two cameras in this fashion we are able to cover 360 degrees day or night around our new car. And using 32GB cards means we have a 16 hour window before overwriting occurs--enough to cover the most crime-prone time period if we start the cameras at 01:00hr.